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Choosing where to eat in Prague is one of the most important things to plan before traveling. Czech food has improved significantly in recent years and you will find many excellent local restaurants as well as Michelin stars in the capital. There is something for everyone in the best Czech restaurants in Prague!

Where to eat in Prague: Best Czech Restaurants

Below you will find 14 different places where we would definitely recommend you to discover the flavors of traditional Czech cuisine and to drink excellent beer during your trip to Prague.

1. Medieval Tavern - U krále Brabantského

Medieval Tavern - U krále Brabantského gives you a truly Medieval ambient whereby only candle lights provide. The menu provided in Czech, English and Russian says that dinners and drinks are served here since 14th century. You can choose between an all-inclusive or a la carte menu, and even decide if you want it with or without a medieval show.

Prague Original Medieval Dinner

You can book the Prague Original Medieval Dinner to experience the atmosphere of a 14th-century medieval pub. The waiting staff wearing historic costumes will serve you a delicious 3-course dinner as you enjoy the entertainment provided by a belly dancer, a juggler, and a fire breather.

Address: Thunovská 198, Malá Strana, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-24:00

2. U Fleků

U Fleků is a historic brewery mentioned in all Prague tourist guides. This place is the only one in Central Europe where beer has been brewed continuously for more than 500 years, and is especially recommended for those who love black beer. You will also be offered different types of liqueurs, including the famous Slivovice, a plum liqueur, only for the bravest. This place is always crowded but it is a mandatory destination during your trip to the Bohemian city.

U Fleků is a very nice place with live music, where musicians walk around and play music. It is a perfect place to simply have one of their beers and enjoy the atmosphere of living the old Czech spirit.

Address: Křemencova 11, Nové Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 10:00-23:00

3. Lokál Dlouhaaa

Lokál is a chain of restaurants specialized in the typical Czech food that has several branches in Prague. Lokál Dlouhaaa serves traditional Czech specialties with a modern twist and the quality of its beer, the Pilsner Urqüell. It is located near the famous Spanish Synagogue and that makes it always very busy. This is a place where Prague people go out in the evening and sit at the beer table, but on the other hand, the food is very delicious and prices are very affordable.

Address: Dlouhá 33, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00

4. Prague Beer Museum

Prague Beer Museum is very close to Charles Bridge, just a short walk from there, so we definitely recommend visiting the place. Although its name is a museum, Prague Beer Museum is the place that serves as a pub rather than a museum. There are 30 different kinds of Czech beer on tap with different flavors and taste. They offer sampling sets of 5 or 10 smaller beers. You can also get a 30 beer flight for about 50 USD! There is seating outside and inside with a view of the Vltava and the castle. If great views and not the beer is your main interest, you can discover other places with the best views of Prague in our list of the best viewpoints in Prague.

Address: Smetanovo nábř. 205, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 10:00-3:00

Beer lovers can explore and contribute to 1,500 years of continuous love of beer with Czech beer tasting experience. This experience includes sample beers from 3 major mass-producing Czech breweries and 4 specialty beers from local Prague microbreweries and brew houses. During this special activity you will enjoy these beers and their pairing with Hermelín cheese, the Czech cheese that can be pickled, deep-fried, or grilled, and crackers.

Czech beer tasting experience

5. Havelská Koruna

Havelská Koruna is located a few meters from the Havelská Street Market, close to Wenceslas Square. This place offers traditional Czech food served in self-service style and you are only charged for the food you pick. It is usually a good option if you are in a hurry since using self-service is faster.

Address: 21 a 23, Havelská 501, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00

6. V Kolkovně

Kolkovna Restaurants is a franchise of Pilsner Urquell beer-related restaurants of Czech origin. These restaurants serve really good Czech food in a rustic brewery and beer-house atmosphere. V Kolkovně serves very abundant portions of food in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, right outside the Spanish Synagogue.

Address: V Kolkovně 910/8, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-24:00

7. U Parlamentu

U Parlamentu is a typical Czech restaurant in the center of Prague offering very good Pilsner Urqüell beer. Among its specialties you can find duck, knuckle and goulash served in good quality and at reasonable prices. The exceptional black beer is totally recommended. The menu at this Prague restaurant is available in several languages.

Address: Valentinská 52, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00

8. U Magistra Kelly

U Magistra Kelly is the place that has a very good selection of typical Czech dishes and is located near Prague Castle. They have an extensive beer menu and the cost is approximately 10 Euro per person. Be careful, as you can only pay in cash so you should withdraw some Czech Koruna from ATM or use one of Prague currency exchange offices. The place itself is tiny, no more than 30 seating, so it is recommended to book in advance if you already know you'll want to go there.

Address: Šporkova 521/5, Malá Strana, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 12:30-23:00

9. Kantýna

Kantýna is a well-known restaurant in Prague because it is a kind of butcher shop where you can choose your own meat steak and say how to cook them. Prices adequate to the quality. If you would like to have fantastic a experience, you can make a reservation with “A Dinner with the Butcher” which is approx. 8-9 course dinner served by one of the wonderful butchers.

Address: Politických vězňů 1511/5, Nové Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:30-23:00

10. U Rudolfina

U Rudolfina is the place to eat located in front of the Rudolfinum, an important concert hall in Prague, and not so far from Charles Bridge. Czech food and beer is served in an authentic local pub setting. The pork knuckle served here is an excellent value dish as it is tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. The only downside of the place is that they only have the menu in Czech but the waiters will translate if needed.

Address: Křižovnická 60/10, Josefov, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00

11. Restaurace Blatnice

Restaurace Blatnice is one of the oldest restaurants in the center of Prague. It is a typical Czech restaurant with a good selection of Czech food. We would recommend trying the goulash in bread loaf and BBQ ribs, local specialty. In addition to offering traditional dishes, you can taste Czech wines from the Moravian region and also different types of beers. Sometimes it is better to book in advance as the restaurant can get very busy.

Address: Michalská 511/8, Staré Město, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00

12. U Modré Kachničky

U Modré Kachničky restaurant is housed in a 16th-century Baroque building in Mala Strana. The food is a traditional Czech cuisine, served to a fine dining standard. You can have a 7 course tasting menu with paired wines. The piano is played live during the meal. Celebrities such as Sean Connery and Tom Cruise, who starred in films made in Prague, have eaten here.

Address: Nebovidská 460/6, Malá Strana, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00

13. Restaurace U Pinkasů

U Pinkasů restaurant is located on one of the streets between the Old Town Center and Vaclav Square. The menu includes mainly Czech dishes for a really good price. Restaurace U Pinkasů is the first restaurant in Prague to serve Pilsner Urquell. They bring it fresh from the brewery and store in copper tanks.

Address: Jungmannovo nám. 15/16, Můstek, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 10:00-23:00

14. Ferdinanda

Ferdinanda is another classic Prague restaurant. In fact, it has two locations, one in Mala Strana and the other in Stare Mesto. Both places are similar in terms of food, prices and atmosphere, and serve traditional Czech food at reasonable prices. The venue is really cool and has some seating downstairs, which looks more like a dungeon than a restaurant but has its charm.

Address: Karmelitská 18, Malá Strana, Prague, Czechia

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00

Dining on a Boat

You can experience the charm of Prague at night on one of many dinner cruises while admiring the historic monuments, such as Prague Castle and the Dancing House on the Rašínovo embankment, illuminated after dark.

Where to eat in Prague: Best Czech Restaurants

Our recommendation is Prague by Night 3-Hour Dinner Cruise. On this dinner cruise, you will sip a welcome drink as you board and then glide down the river to the Charles Bridge and admire the neo-Renaissance Rudolfinum, the famous Dancing House and Prague Castle. During the cruise you will enjoy a deluxe buffet dinner, which includes a wide selection of Czech and international dishes. 

What to Eat in Prague?

In Prague it is possible to eat well and at low cost. Czech cuisine is based mainly on dishes based on cooked meat, especially pork and beef. Soups also have a leading role. The fish is not very common in Czech restaurants, except for the river fish. Sweets and desserts are also one of the strengths of Czech cuisine, and of course beer, which is produced by many local places and can be enjoyed at a really economical price. We have compiled the most famous flavors of Czech cuisine to try in Prague.

Where to eat in Prague: Best Czech Restaurants

Restaurant Tips

It is recommended to reserve a table for dinner on weekend, especially if you choose a luxury restaurant or travel to Prague in high season.

If you have no cash on you, make sure that the restaurant accepts credit cards before ordering as by far not all restaurants in Prague do.

The service is generally not included in the bill and it is therefore advisable to add a tip. You can leave 10% as in other parts of the world, although what people from Prague usually do is rounding the bill, or telling the waiter how much you want them to collect, including the tip.

Prague Travel Tips

If you prefer to know the center of Prague on a guided tour, we would recommend this super complete Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter Tour. On this tour you will explore Prague’s historical Jewish Quarter and its synagogues and visit the city’s Old Town and the famous Astronomical Clock.

To save money while visiting the main attractions of Prague, we highly recommend getting Prague Card that gives you free access to over 50 attractions.

This list of the best day trips from Prague will help you complete your trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Prague is dynamic and vibrant, so make sure to explore the list of top things to do in Prague at night for an epic night out during your stay!

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