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The 9 Best Reasons to Visit Lithuania

In recent years, more and more travelers have decided to leave the beaten track and set off to discover new destinations. This is why you should consider visiting the Baltic States and, in particular, Lithuania. Looking for a good reason to travel there? Here you will find the 9 best reasons to visit Lithuania!

Lithuania, the southernmost of the three Baltic States, has developed enormously since regaining its independence in 1990. This country is full of surprises. We could spend a lot of time telling many things about this small country of approximately three million inhabitants. Its infinite nature, delicious cuisine, the mixture of influences throughout its history and the friendliness of people are the things that bring an unforgettable experience in Lithuania.

You can join Then and Now Old Town Tour to explore and better understand both Vilnius and Lithuania by walking through the historical UNESCO Old Town with a happy and friendly guide.

Lithuania offers plenty of activities and here are just some of the many reasons that will make you want to immerse yourself in the country full of history and magic.

1. Lithuania is in the middle of Europe

Many places have been defined the center of Europe, slightly depending on how the center is calculated. If you look at the map of Europe, you might be mistaken in thinking that Lithuania is on the edge of Europe. However, according to French National Geographic Institute, Lithuania is the one and only geographical center of Europe. This has also been approved by the Guinness Book of Records.

Europos parkas (Park of Europe) is an open-air museum marking the geographical center of Europe. The park stretches for 55 hectares and is decorated with sculptures by visual artists from different European countries.

For getting there, you can take the bus from Vilnius or hire your own transport. The drive is about 20 minutes as the park is 26 km north of Vilnius. There is an entrance fee.

2. Vilnius and its historical center

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is also the largest city in Lithuania and has more than half a million inhabitants. The historic center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is called the 'Rome of the Baltic countries' for a reason.

Vilnius and its historical center

Vilnius is an ideal place for those who are interested in art and architecture. The Old Town has more than 1,200 historic buildings. Vilnius Old Town houses architecture from Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and neoclassicism, as well as a good number of museums and galleries. The approximately 40 churches in Vilnius give their own unique atmosphere to the city.

Attractions in Vilnius

Gediminas Castle: Reminiscent of the city’s renowned history. What remains of the castle is a tower on a steep hill with an exhibition on Lithuanian history and an observation deck overlooking Vilnius.

Hill of the Three Crosses: The symbol of Lithuanian people's insistence. Well worth to hike up to have a panoramic view of the city.

Vilnius University: The oldest university in Eastern Europe founded in 1579.

Presidential Palace: The official residence of Lithuanian president.

KGB Museum: Museum of the Genocide Victims which tells of the dramatic fate of political prisoners under the Soviet occupation.

The National Museum: The exhibitions tell the history of Lithuanians from the Stone Age to the present day.

Vilnius Cathedral: Built in the 14th century. Over the years, it has been burned to the ground several times and always rebuilt. Now it is a 19th century classic building.

St. Anne's Church: Its facade has up to 33 different shapes of bricks with Gothic architecture. When Napoleon Bonaparte saw this church, he wanted to carry it on his palm back to France.

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul: A 17th century Baroque architecture in which more than 2,000 sculptures are found inside.

Gate of Dawn: The only surviving gate out of the five that made up the ancient walls of Vilnius. In the Chapel of the Gate of Dawn there is the famous painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Republic of Uzupis: The bohemian district, which has declared itself a free state.

You can discover the best things to do in Vilnius with this complete guide to the city's top attractions and places to visit and include them into your Lithuania to-do list.

Vilnius Private Tour with a Local Host is also a good tour to discover Vilnius through the eyes of a local. You can learn about the easiest ways to get around, hear about the top things to see and do, and chat about life in the city with someone who lives there.

3. Trakai

Trip to Lithuania is incomplete without visiting the famous town of Trakai. If you will be spending a few days in Vilnius, a day trip to neighboring Trakai is actually a must. Trakai is located just 30 minutes away from Vilnius by bus.


Trakai Castle is one of Lithuania's most visited tourist attractions. It can be said that this is the most beautiful place you can visit in Lithuania. A 300-meter-long wooden bridge leads over to the castle where you will find Trakai's historic museum, surround by the waters of Galve Lake. When you enter the castle via the footbridge, you feel like you are walk straight to the Middle Ages. This 14th century castle served as a residence for the dukes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and also as a prison, a few centuries later.

Trakai Festival or the Medieval Festival in Trakai Island Castle takes place once a year. There you can look forward to medieval exhibition fights and varied concerts.

In midsummer, the small lake around the castle welcome you to swim or sunbathe. If you want, you can also rent a small rowing boat to explore the areas around the castle and its lake.


You can step back in time and visit Trakai Castle where you will learn more about the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and visit Paneriai Memorial Park on a day trip from Vilnius by joining Trakai Castle and Paneriai Memorial Tour.

4. The Curonian Spit

One of the natural wonders of Lithuania is the Curonian Spit. Since its existence, the Curonian Spit has been known as the Lithuanian Sahara because of its constantly re-shaping sand dunes. The Curonian Spit is a 97 km long peninsula, which separates the fresh water Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The spit was formed more than 5000 years ago by sea waves and currents, sand and wind.

The bottom part of the spit belongs to the Kaliningrad region of Russia while its upper portion is part of Lithuania. The Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit stretches for about 50 kilometers from north to south. The area contains some of the tallest moving sand dunes to be found in all Europe that are up to 67 meters high. In 2000, the Curonian Spit has been recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO for its unique relief and biodiversity.

The Curonian Spit

You can take a Day Trip to Curonian Spit National Park from Vilnius and get an unforgettable impression with its windblown dunes, bright pine forest and authentic homesteads.

5. The Hill of Crosses

Near the city of Siauliai, with a population of one hundred thousand, you will find one of the most sacred places in Lithuania, known as the Hill of Crosses. You will find thousands of metal and wooden crosses of different sizes on the hilltop. The significance of the site is that it pays tribute to the devotion of Lithuanian people. The Hill of Crosses is truly the place of pilgrimage in the state. It’s also the place of remembrance for those who have left the country in their lives.

The Hill of Crosses

You can visit the Hill of Crosses and learn about the symbolism behind the cross and cross-making art by joining the Full-Day Tour to Hill of Crosses from Vilnius.

6. Hot Air Balloon

Lithuania is one of the few countries in Europe where hot air ballooning is permitted. Good geographic location, not so busy air traffic and friendly Vilnius Airport Flight control service allows to fly over Vilnius city.

There are several main balloon take off sites in Lithuania. The popular places for hot air balloon flights are flying over Vilnius, Trakai, and Kaunas. From April to October, you can get an opportunity to see Vilnius Old Town from a bird's-eye view. While being up to the sky, you can see the historic center, modern district, villages, castles, rivers and green forests of Lithuania.

It is recommended to start the flight an hour before sunrise around 5:00-9:00 in the morning. Then you will have the opportunity to experience the first rays of the morning as the sun rises above the horizon. Otherwise you can opt for the sunset trip around 18:00-21:00 in the evening.

If you are interested, you should book the hot air balloon riding in advance as it tends to be a popular activity, and lots of preparation goes into planning the flight. The price for hot air balloon riding in Vilnius is about 100 Euro per person.

7. Typical Lithuanian cuisine

Lithuanians are known for their hospitality, so you can count on a nice welcome at the restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and bistros. To really get acquainted with amazing Lithuanian traditional food, you need to taste Cepelinai, potatoes stuffed with meat with sour cream, and Skilandis, typical smoked salami.


If you will be visiting Lithuania during summer, try the most popular pink soup (Šaltibarščiai) which is made from beetroot. Not to mention the local beers that mostly have a floral and fruity aroma and are worth tasting.

Pink soup (Šaltibarščiai)

8. Ski in the middle of summer

In Lithuania, you can ski all year round. If you are a snowy adventurer, visiting Druskininkai will be the best choice for you. The ski area “Snow Arena – Druskininkai” is the area of 8 hectares entirely dedicated to winter sports. Snow Arena includes three ski slopes, two indoor alpine skiing and outdoor skiing tracks for a total of 1,100 meters. At the rental point, you can hire all the equipment and gear necessary for skiing. As well as skiing, different events regularly take place in the restaurants found at the arena, including wine tasting, DJ nights, competitions and night skiing sessions. There is also a large play area for children.

9. Cost Benefit

The best thing about Lithuania is that you can basically have an affordable vacation. Lithuania is a member of the European Union and its currency is euro. The price level in Lithuania is clearly lower than in many other European countries.

Food: In general, you can fill in for 5-10 Euros per meal, 2-3 Euros for coffee. Beer is usually available for about 3 Euros. You can lower your cost even more by preparing to stay at the apartment and buy food from supermarket or stay at the hotel with breakfast included.

Accommodation: You can easily find an affordable accommodation in Lithuania. Many good hotels in Vilnius Old Town cost about 50-80 Euro per night and it can be even cheaper if you choose to stay at the hostel or a bit out of town.

City Gate

Well-rated accommodation in Vilnius under 50 Euro:

City Gate

Ibis Styles Vilnius

Railway Hotel


Grata by Centrum Hotels

Lithuania has numerous beautiful places to stay, each with its own sights and highlights. The best place to stay in Vilnius is right in the city center and the old town, which is just a 10 minutes’ walk from the bus and train station, from where you can travel to other counties such as Poland, Latvia or Estonia. Here are the best areas to stay in Vilnius as well as the top hotels to stay in Lithuania capital!

Transportation: You do not need big money for traveling around. You can handle your transportation costs for 3-5 Euros per day. The main tourist attractions in Vilnius can be reach on foot if you choose the place to overnight in the city center.


Activities: Even without a lot of money, it is possible to do a lot in Lithuania. You can explore all the Old Town, hike the Hill of Three Crosses, visit Uzupis and climb up to the Gediminas Tower and get the view of the city completely for free. Despite its size, Lithuania has many tourist attractions to offer. You can check the list of the best tourist destinations in Lithuania.

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