How to Get from Cologne Airport to City Center

How to Get from Cologne Airport to City Center

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) is located 15 km away from the city of Cologne and 23 km away from Bonn. The airport is excellently connected to central Cologne by various means of transportation. Here you will find detailed information on how to get from Cologne Airport to the city center (and vice versa).

Information about Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN)

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) consists of two passenger terminals located next to each other. Terminal 1 (T1) is the oldest terminal, which is used by flag carriers and low cost airlines of Germany and Austria. Terminal 2 (T2) is more modern and is used by European low cost airlines and airlines offering long-haul flights. Both terminals offer various usual airport services such as shops, bars and restaurants, travel agencies, conference centers.

Short history of Cologne-Bonn Airport

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) was born as a military base of the Luftwaffe in 1913 and was developed after World War II by the British aviation. Although numerous growth works were carried out in the 60s and 70s, the most important works took place in the late 90s and in 2004, the year in which the flights of low cost and intercontinental companies began to increase.

How to Get from Cologne Airport to City Center

Flights to Cologne

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) is an international airport welcoming around 13 million passengers per year. If you are one of them and have a plan to fly to Cologne, find flight timetables and best flight ticket offers on as this is the website we are normally using for booking flights at a really attractive price.

Getting from Cologne-Bonn Airport to City Center

Here you will find detailed information on how to get to the center of Cologne from the airport (and vice versa). For getting from Cologne-Bonn Airport to the city you can use trains, buses, taxi, private transfer or rented car.

By Train

The fastest way to reach Cologne city center from the airport is by train. Köln / Bonn Flughafen train station is located in the center of the passenger terminal. There are several train lines that can bring you from this airport station to either Cologne or Bonn city center.

Trains from Airport to Cologne City Center (Hauptbahnhof):

  • S13 and S19 (goes to Cologne and Düren)
  • RE6 (goes to Mindem and Düsseldorf)
  • RE8 (goes to Mönchengladbach Hbf)
  • ICE express train line (operating intercity)

Train from Airport to Bonn:

  • RE8 (goes to Koblenz Hbf)

Train line RE8 does not go directly to Bonn Train Station, so you have to get off at Bonn-Beuel Station and change to the bus No. 62 going to the direction of Quirinusplatz (approx. 5 minutes on foot), and you will reach the city center in 7 minutes.

How to Get from Cologne Airport to City Center

Find the details of the trains running between Cologne-Bonn Airport and Cologne city center.

S-Bahn Trains

The easiest way to reach the city center from Cologne-Bonn Airport is taking S-Bahn train S13 or S19. When taking one of these trains, you will reach the city center in just 14 minutes. S-Bahn trains run from the airport to Cologne city center every 20 minutes on Monday - Friday, and every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

The price of a single trip train ticket is 3 Euro as you need a public transport ticket to travel with S-Bahn. These tickets cannot be bought online like Cologne Card, so you should buy them at the train station while at the airport. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and that’s more than enough for reaching the city center. If you are planning to use public transport in Cologne more intensively, you can buy a single 24-hour ticket for 8.80 Euro or the 24-hour ticket suitable up to five persons for 13.40 Euro.

Airport - Cologne City Center S-Bahn Train Route: Cologne-Bonn Airport - Fransfurterstrasse - Trimbornstrasse - Messe / Deutz - City Center Train Station - Hansaring - Ehrenfeld - Müngersdorf / Technology Park - Lövenich - Frechen - Königsdorf – Horrem

Regional Express (RE) Trains

You can also use Regional Express trains to get from Cologne Airport to the city center. These trains are faster than S-Bahn trains. Travel time from the airport to the city center is 11 minutes. However, the trains only go to the city center two times an hour.

The price of the journey from the airport to Cologne city center by RE train is also 3 Euro. Train tickets can be purchased at the airport train station.

Tip: You can check train departure times according to your planned arrival time at the airport. You have to enter the place of departure (Köln/Bonn Flughafen) and the place of arrival (Cologne Hbf or Bonn Hbf) to see the train timetable. Be noted that you can see the departure times of both express RE trains and S-Bahn trains. S-Bahn and Regional Express (RE) trains depart from the airport railway station, which is located between Terminals 1 and 2.

Intercity Express (ICE) Trains

ICE trains running to the direction of Cologne from other German cities such as Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Hannover and Berlin also stop at the airport. It is possible to get to Cologne city center by taking one of these trains. You can reach the city center in 10 minutes by ICE trains. However, ICE train ticket price is much higher and can be about 8 Euro. Cologne Card cannot be used on ICE trains as well.

By Bus

Another way to get from Cologne-Bonn Airport to Cologne city center is taking a bus. Unfortunately, there are no direct shuttle buses from the airport to the city center because they have been canceled after the trains started operating between Cologne Airport and the city center.

You will find few bus options at the airport and only one of them is going to Cologne’s Porz Markt district, where connections to other bus and train lines are available. Other buses depart from Cologne-Bonn Airport to Bonn and several other cities in Germany.

Bus No. 161: Airport - Porz Markt

Bus No. 161 runs between Cologne Airport and Porz Markt district on the outskirts of Cologne. Buses depart every 30 - 60 minutes between 05:30 – 24:00 daily. Travel time from the airport to Porz Markt is about 15 minutes. After reaching the last stop on Bus No. 161 route, you can transfer to the city center by another bus or train.

One way bus ticket costs 3 Euro per person and can be bought from the driver on the bus.

Bus SB60: Airport - Bonn

Airport Express Bus SB60 runs from Cologne-Bonn Airport to Bonn Central Train Station. Buses depart from the bus stops found at airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Bus SB60 ticket costs 8.20 Euro per person per way. The fee for children (6-14 years old) is 3.80 Euro. You can buy a ticket at ticket machines at both terminals, bus stops or directly from the bus driver.

SB60 Bus Route: Terminal 1 - Terminal 2 - Innenministerium - Beethovenhalle & SWB - Brüdergasse - Bonn Market - Hauptbahnhof (Train Station)

Intercity Buses

It is also possible to go by bus directly from Cologne Airport to other cities in Germany such as Frankfurt, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin. Many local bus companies come to Cologne Airport to pick up passengers. Bus companies serving the routes from the airport to other German cities include Regiojet, Flixbus, Eurolines, and Mango Tours.

Bus tickets can be purchased online on the websites of the relevant bus companies before traveling.

By Taxi

Cologne Airport Taxi is a convenient solution for traveling from the airport to city center. You can comfortably reach your hotel without dragging up and down in public transport. If you will be arriving late at night and won’t have a pre-booked transportation or will not want to drive by yourself, taking a taxi might be your only choice for getting into the city.

All of the official taxis at Cologne Airport are run by Taxi Rulf Köln. The official airport taxis are available at the exits of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and provide transportation services 24/7.

Airport taxi fare for a ride from Cologne-Bonn Airport to the center of Cologne should be you around 25-27 Euro, from the airport to Bonn city center - around 35-40 Euro. The journey time to Cologne is approximately 15-20 minutes and to Bonn about 20-25 minutes.

By Private Transfer

The most comfortable way for getting from Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) to anywhere in Cologne is a private transfer, offering door-to-door service. You can choose the most suitable time and the driver will be waiting for you at the airport. Your driver will track your flight so that no matter whether your flight arrives early, late or on-time, the driver will be there to greet you on arrival and will take you to your destination.

The difference between taking a taxi and traveling by a private transfer is that the private transfer is pre-booked for a fixed price and you don’t need to worry about being overcharged. If you are traveling in a large group or with extra luggage, booking transportation prior to arrival is recommended as you will get a vehicle that suites your needs the best.

To ensure a smooth transfer, you can easily book this Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) Private Transfer.

Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) Private Transfer

By Rented Car

Car rental at Cologne Airport is very efficient. Renting a car gives you much more freedom to visit the city and its surrounding areas. At Cologne airport, you will find the main international car rental companies including Avis, EuropcarHertz and Sixt, offering a wide choice of car models and optional services. It is advisable to book a car online before departure as you can check and compare prices, terms and conditions and types of vehicles. This way, you will save both time and money on arrival at the airport. The offices of all car rental companies are located in Terminal 2 and serve 24/7.

KölnCard (Cologne Card) for Transportation

We’ve mentioned Cologne Card above several times, and you might wonder about it. Cologne Card is a tourist card which lets you travel around the city for 24 or 48 hours with free access to public transport and discounts of up to 50% for Cologne tourist attractions and museums, restaurants, guided tours and shopping.

If you are planning to stay in Cologne for few days and use public transportation for exploring the area, you should buy Cologne Card. The card also includes traveling on buses and trains to and from the airport!

There are 4 types of Cologne Card available, each of them valid for 1 person or a group of up to 5 persons.

KölnCard (Cologne Card)

Hotels near Cologne-Bonn Airport

Booking a hotel near Cologne-Bonn Airport is recommended for those who have a flight arriving late at night or leaving early in the morning. Close to the A59 motorway, on the streets surrounding the airport, you will find many hotels. Some of them are even offering a free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Leonardo Hotel Köln Bonn Airport

Some of the best rated hotels near Cologne Bonn Airport:

Leonardo Hotel Köln Bonn Airport

Airport Hotel Karsten

Hotel Spiegel

If you are looking for a hotel in Cologne city, don’t miss the selection of the best hotels in the city center. Best rated hotels in different price ranges can be found in the list of Best Hotels in Cologne.