Luxembourg in 1 Day – Our Luxembourg Trip Itinerary

Luxembourg in 1 Day – Our Luxembourg Trip Itinerary

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe that is often overlooked by tourists, unlike other cities in the surrounding countries such as Paris, Berlin and Brussels. Luxembourg is worth a visit if you have 1-2 days or just pass by this city. You will have unforgettable memories in Luxembourg, just like we did when completing this our Luxembourg in 1 day trip itinerary.

9:00 Arriving in Luxembourg

Start your Luxembourg journey in morning whether you are already staying at a hotel in Luxembourg or just traveling from another city to explore the city on 1 day trip.

Luxembourg can be reached in many ways as you can travel there by train, bus, plane or private car. If you drive a car, there are plenty of parking spaces in the center of the city. Bear in mind that on weekends these parking lots are often full so you have to park a bit outside the city center. However, that's not a problem because Luxembourg has a very good transportation system making it possible to travel to city’s main tourist attractions by public transport easily.

We were traveling to Luxembourg from Metz in France and the bus dropped us off at P&R Bouillon Luxembourg.

9:30 Pfaffenthal Lift

The first destination we went to was the Pfaffenthal Lift. It is a glass lift that connects Pescatore Park to the city center of Pfaffenthal at the bottom of the Alzette valley. This lift is 65 meters high but it takes just 35 seconds to go up and down. From the glass-walled lift you will see the picturesque panoramic view of Luxembourg. Importantly, using the lift is completely free!

09:50 Grund

When you go down with the lift, you find yourself standing in Grund. Grund is one of the oldest districts in Luxembourg. Aside from the impressive views, this area is completely different from other areas in the city. In the past it used to be the residence of artisans. If you walk around, you can still feel their artistic vibe. Grund is still full of trendy cafes, various art exhibitions, craft Training Center, Live music performance etc.


10:45 Casemates du Bock

Go up and continue to walk to the Casemates du Bock, which is made of natural stone. Casemates du Bock looks like a tower on a cliff above the Alzette River. This fortress is an important historical site and is also a geological survey site declared by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1994. From the top of the fortress you will see with beautiful views of Luxembourg. We recommend exploring the underground tunnels as they were used as fortification to protect the city in many wars.

12:15 Chemin de la Corniche

From the Casemates du Bock, just keep walking to the Chemin de la Corniche. It is known as "the most beautiful terrace of Europe" (according to the writer Batty Weber) and as they said, it is a really beautiful terrace with spectacular views of Luxembourg overlooking the river that run through the valleys of Luxembourg. This view really makes it worth to come to Luxembourg.

Chemin de la Corniche

13:00 Place d’Armes

Before continuing your exploration of the city, head to Place d’Armes for lunch. Place d’Armes is a square in the center of Luxembourg that attracts many tourists and locals. This site was originally built as a courtyard for the troops protecting the city. Around this square you will find a number of restaurants and cute cafes.

14:30 Cathédrale Notre-Dame

After filling up your stomach, continue your trip to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the cathedral that is the city's main attraction and the only cathedral in Luxembourg. The cathedral was originally a Jesuit church, which was built in 1613. At present, Notre-Dame Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral. Cathédrale Notre-Dame was constructed in gothic style architecture mixed with Renaissance. With the outstanding feature of 3 high spires, you will see this magnificent building from far. Don't forget to enter the church to admire its beauty from inside.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

15:00 Palace of the Grand Dukes

The Palace of the Grand Dukes or the Palais Grand Ducal is located in the heart of Luxembourg's old town. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. In front of the palace, there are two soldiers standing. The palace is open for visitors with a guided tour during mid-July to August only.

15:30 Luxembourg City Museum

The Luxembourg City Museum is also worth to pay a visit. The museum is located in the center of the old town. Inside the museum, there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions presenting Luxembourg's more than 1,000 years long history.

16:30 Gëlle Fra & Place de la Constitution

Afterwards, look for the monument of Gëlle Fra, also known as the Golden Lady. The monument was built in 1923 to commemorate Luxembourg's First World War. The monument is a symbol of Luxembourg's independence, located in the center of the Place de la Constitution.

Gëlle Fra


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