Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST)

Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST)

As all international flights to/from Istanbul were recently moved to the new airport, when taking a connecting flight of Turkish Airlines you will have to spend some time at Istanbul New Airport (IST). If shopping and dining is not your thing, you might be just looking for a quiet spot and internet connection. Luckily, you can use free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST).

Wi-Fi Network

For using free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST) you need to connect to the IstanbulAirport TurkTelekomFree Wi-Fi network. You can use your personal laptop, tablet or smart phone for connecting to Internet here.

Connecting Wi-Fi Network

Authentication is required when connecting the free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST). There are two options for authentication:

  1. Receiving SMS with Wi-Fi connection code to your mobile phone.
  2. Getting Wi-Fi connection code from one of Wi-Fi terminals found all around the airport.

SMS Authentication

Receiving SMS with Wi-Fi connection code to your mobile phone sounds like the most convenient option if you are using roaming and your phone is able to receive messages. You just need to insert your phone number, click the button and the verification code should reach your phone so you could start using free Wi-Fi right away.

It should be that easy but at Istanbul Airport it’s not!

Even if our phone using European SIM card was successfully working with Turkish roaming and was receiving all messages sent our way, Turk Telekom free Wi-Fi authentication system didn’t work this way. It’s about two weeks and we are still waiting for our SMS verification code to come!

Wi-Fi Terminal Authentication

As SMS verification didn’t work out, we had to use the second way to connect free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST). This way for authentication is suitable for every traveler as you don’t need to have phone on roaming for using free Wi-Fi on your laptop or any other device. You only need to hold biometric passport for connecting free Wi-Fi at Istanbul Airport.

At first, you will need to find one of Wi-Fi terminals that are spread out around the airport. Look for the light green terminal with a touchscreen on top of it (see photo below).

Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST)

Then click the button “Get Your Wi-Fi Now” on the touchscreen. You will be asked to scan your passport later. The reader of passport biometric page can be found on the right side of terminal. Just place the biometric page of your passport into the slot and slide it.

The terminal will read the main data of your passport such as passport number and will issue ticket with Wi-Fi connection code on it.

Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST)

This Wi-Fi connection code needs to be used on Wi-Fi login page for authentication. You will also be asked to provide username which is your passport number.

The printed Wi-Fi connection code doesn’t need to be used at once as the time of connection starts to be counted just after login.

Free Wi-Fi Usage

Free Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST) is very limited as it is free only for up to 60 minutes of usage. For longer periods of time you will need to purchase paid Wi-Fi packages.

The calculation of free Wi-Fi usage duration is not really clear as right after login it was displaying that only 50 minutes out of 60 can be used. There was no real time counter so the time left could be seen only after refreshing the login page and it was well rounded. Doesn’t look reliable!

The number of times you can connect to free Wi-Fi at Istanbul Airport is limited to 2 connections. It means that you don’t need to use all 60 minutes at once but can use them in 2 shorter intervals.

Only one device can be connected with one code.


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