P&R Bouillon Luxembourg – International Bus Station

P&R Bouillon Luxembourg – International Bus Station

P&R Bouillon Luxembourg is a Park & ​​Ride or one of parking spots near Luxembourg City. It is also often used as Luxembourg International Bus Station.

P&R Bouillon Luxembourg facilitate those who want to go to the city center and are willing to travel there by public transportation. There are also many international buses that pick up and drop off passengers at P&R Bouillon Luxembourg. 

P&R Bouillon Luxembourg is located approximately 4 km from the city center. You can take various public bus lines from there into the city. 

Public bus lines at P&R Bouillon Luxembourg

Bus #1: Kirchberg, Luxexpo Entrée Sud

Bus #17: Luxembourg / Center, Monterey

Bus #15: Merl, St. Gengoul

Bus #125/1: Hollerich, Garage AVL

Bus #12: Dommeldange, Parc de l'Europe

Bus #24: Gasperich / Howald, P&R Howald

Bus #80/1: ARLON TEC - Rue des Genêts

Bus #80: BASTOGNE Gare du Sud - Quai 4

Bus #81: SAINT-VINCENT Eglise

Bus #83: VIRTON Delhaize

Bus #80: MARTELANGE Pont de la Sûre

Bus #242: ARLON Gare - Quai 6 

Public Transport Fare

Public transport system is integral throughout Luxembourg with buses, trams and trains using the same ticket. Luxembourg public transport ticket price is 2 Euro and you can travel unlimited for 2 hours with it. Otherwise, you can choose a 4 Euro ticket for all day unlimited travel around the city. 

Hotels near P&R Bouillon Luxembourg

P&R Bouillon Luxembourg is not far from the city center and has many bus lines connecting it to the main areas of Luxembourg. There’s no need to stay near P&R Bouillon Luxembourg as you can choose a hotel in the city center of Luxembourg and reach P&R Bouillon Luxembourg by public transportation. For the best accommodation options in Luxembourg City check 10 Best Hotels in Luxembourg City.