Left Luggage at CFL Luxembourg Railway Station

Left Luggage at CFL Luxembourg Railway Station

CFL Gare De Luxembourg is the main railway station in Luxembourg. There is a left luggage office at Luxembourg Railway Station where you can leave your suitcases, travel bags, backpacks and other luggage and explore Luxembourg City by public transport easily.

The office also provides other services such as selling national electronic tickets (mKaart) and reporting the lost items. 

Location of Left Luggage Office

Luxembourg Railway Station left luggage office is located on the south side of the station, close to the tracks 1 and 2. 

Opening Hours

The left luggage office is open from 06:00 to 21:30. 


Left luggage price is 5 Euro per item for every 24 hours, counting from the time of deposit. Each luggage deposit is limited to 3 items per person. 


The maximum duration of the deposit at Luxembourg Railway Station left luggage office is 1 month. After the expiry of the 1-month period, the deposited items are considered to have been abandoned and will be destroyed or sold to the charity. 

Objects Allowed for Deposit

Articles used for travel purposes contained in suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, and other such packaging.

The bags must be closed in such a way that no object can be lost during storage.

Any object or baggage must bear a label indicating the name, address and telephone number of the applicant.

Bicycles, folded strollers, skis, water boards and folding wheelchairs for person with reduced mobility are accepted within the space available.

Items NOT Allowed for Deposit

Bulky luggage when the sum of the 3 dimensions exceeds 2.50 m

Objects or cases with a unit weight exceeding 25 kg

Perishable foodstuffs and objects emitting nauseating odors

Live animals

Cash or paper securities, payment cards, negotiable securities

Business papers, identity papers, jewelry and precious objects

Objects or effects intended for sale

Motor vehicles, car accessories, gardening equipment, furniture

The substances listed in the decree on the transport of dangerous goods by Railway in force

Weapons of any category and the corresponding ammunition

Return of Deposited Luggage

Luxembourg Railway Station office staff will issue a ticket for your deposited luggage and you will have to pay deposit fees when getting your luggage back. 

Lockers at Luxembourg Railway Station

We have read online that there are lockers inside the station. However, once we asked about it at CFL information, they informed us that there are no self-storage lockers and the left luggage office is the only place to store your luggage at Luxembourg Railway Station.