How to get from Prague to Budapest, Hungary

How to get from Prague to Budapest, Hungary

On a trip to Central Europe, two cities cannot be left out of your itinerary: Budapest in Hungary and Prague in the Czech Republic. The cities are separated by almost 550 kilometers but are well connected by trains, buses and even direct flights. Wondering how to get from Prague to Budapest? Let’s see!

Those who prefer to use public transportation to move between places in the city can get use of our Ultimate Guide to Prague Public Transport.

For choosing the best way to travel from Prague to Budapest, we have created a useful guide to the available connections between the cities. Here you can find detailed information about different means of transportation that can be used for traveling from Prague to Budapest and vice versa.

Bus from Prague to Budapest

Taking a bus from Prague to Budapest is normally the cheapest option. A bus trip to Hungary can be the ideal solution if you want a convenient trip for a limited budget.

Buses leave from Prague Florenc Bus Station and arrive at Budapest Bus Station (Budapest Szent Gellert-Templom). Both bus terminals are small, but functional. In Prague, the bus station has an access to trams and metro while in Budapest it is connected to the tram line. It is worth mentioning that in Budapest, the bus terminal is on the Buda side of the city.

How to get from Prague to Budapest, Hungary

There are several bus companies that run between the two cities. Some of the companies that make the journey without transfers include RegioJet, Student Agency, Eurolines and FlixBus. The frequency of this international bus service is quite wide, with several departures during the day. Buses here are modern, equipped with free Wi-Fi, on-demand individual on-board entertainment system with many films, series, and games, toilet, and coffee machine with different types of drinks.

The average bus ticket price for the journey from Prague to Budapest is about 15-35 Euro, depending on the date of purchase. Along the way, there are normally several stops for loading and unloading, but everything is pretty fast. However, the journey by bus lasts for around 7-8 hours.

Buses are not as comfortable as trains, so we would recommend you to pay a little more and opt for the train, especially if you will be traveling at night.

Train from Prague to Budapest

Taking a train from Prague to Budapest is the most comfortable way to travel between the cities assured by the excellent rail system and big space inside the train. In addition, you can enjoy the scenery when traveling during the day.

The train leaves from Prague Main Train Station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi) and arrives at Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station. The railway stations in both capital cities are very close to the city center.

The railway track connecting two cities is approximately 606 km long and the journey by train from Prague to Budapest takes about 7 hours, somewhat less than going by bus.

There is an average of 17 trains a day between Budapest and Prague, leaving approximately every 2 hours. The train makes a ride passing through 4 states so it is especially convenient if you want to make intermediate stops in other beautiful cities such as Bratislava or Vienna during the trip.

How to get from Prague to Budapest, Hungary

Train ticket prices are usually a little higher than the ones of buses, as the usual price for online tickets is about 30-40 Euro, although you can find deals for around 20 Euro. In most cases, the sooner you buy, the cheaper you will pay. However, if you will be buying tickets at the station just before taking the train, the price can be much higher. Another great thing about traveling by train is that you can take a lot of luggage without paying any extra fee.

Another option is to take a night train from Prague to Budapest, which takes about 9 hours to reach the capital of Hungary. The night train departs from Prague Main Train Station daily at 23:58 and arrives in Budapest at 08:37. The price of this train is very similar to the second class of day trains. There are compartments with 2, 4 or 6 beds. You have to pay a supplement that ranges from 10 to 22 Euro depending on the privacy you want. Travel in the first class is also possible, as an individual compartment with bathroom and shower is available for around 80 Euro. When travelling on the night train from Prague to Budapest, you save 1 night in hotel.

On the website of Czech Railways, you can find all the information such as newest timetables and costs of the Prague-Budapest railway connection.

Flights from Prague to Budapest

Flying from Prague to Budapest is the quickest and easiest way to travel between the cities. There are direct flights offered by Ryanair, Czech Airlines and SmartWings.

The flight from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) to Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport (BUD) approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour. However, you will have to travel to and from the airport and be there well before the flight departs, so in total it can take you about 4-5 hours to get from the center of Prague to the center of Budapest.

The price of flight tickets normally varies from 80 to 130 Euro, but you can find great prices when booking in advance and taking a flight can be even cheaper than using any other mean of transportation for covering the route Prague–Budapest. Taking a look at flight prices and timetables before booking the train or bus is always a good idea.

Various flight connections are also available on this route so your options for getting a good deal are even wider. Find the flight timetable and check ticket prices on this route here:

Flights from Prague to Budapest

There are several ways to get from the city center to Prague Airport and all of them are detailed here: How to get from Prague Airport to City Center.

How to get from Prague to Budapest, Hungary

From Prague to Budapest by Car

The shortest route to travel between Prague and Budapest by car is 530 kilometers, so you will spend half a day driving. Covering the route by car can be a good idea for families or groups. If you are planning to rent a car, this option is very worthwhile since the daily rental rates start from 15 Euro.


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