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Vilnius, in addition to being the capital and largest city of Lithuania, is one of the most beautiful cities with its historic center being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you are planning a trip to Lithuania and thinking what to see there, don’t miss these top tourist attractions in Vilnius.

Vilnius is an urban center surprisingly full of things to see and do, and immediately impresses with its Baroque buildings, churches and bell towers. In Vilnius, you can walk for hours among the old streets, observe the beautiful architecture and amazing city panoramas from the hills.

Best things to see in Vilnius

We have the selection of the best tourist attractions, points of interest and things to do in Vilnius for planning a trip to Lithuania.

Vilnius Cathedral Square

A good place to start a tour of Vilnius is the Vilnius Cathedral, which gives its name to the Cathedral Square. This is the largest cathedral in Lithuania and it is the spiritual and political center of Lithuania. This majestic Cathedral is dedicated to St Stanislaus and St Vladislav. In the cathedral rest the remains of important historical people, as the underground tombs are dated from the 12th century.

Vilnius Cathedral Square

The cathedral was originally built in Gothic style but it has undergone numerous reconstructions due to fires. Now, it is a classic-style church according to the design of Laurynas Gucevicius with a 57-meter high bell tower.

There is a magic stone called "Stebuklas" right in front of the Cathedral. According to the belief, if you step and turn around 3 times without stopping on this tile, your wish would be fulfilled.

Behind the cathedral, there is the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the statue of Grand Duke Gediminas, who is considered to be the founder of Vilnius and Trakai. The Russians destroyed the palace in the early 19th century. The reconstructed palace is today a museum presenting the history of the palace, and a multifunctional building, where concerts and events take place.

Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower, which is 48 meters high, is a well-known landmark not only of Vilnius, but also of all Lithuania. The tower is part of the castle complex, Upper Castle, and is located on the top of Gediminas Hill. According to the legend, the city of Vilnius was founded in 1320 by Grand Duke Gediminas after he had a dream there. The duke ordered to build a city wall, towers, castles and houses on a hill, so Vilnius appeared. These are the tower and the ruins of the castle that have survived to the present day.

Gediminas Tower

There are two ways to go to the castle, either by the small funicular in just 30 seconds or on foot. Inside the tower you can find an exhibition of old weapons and armor. The top of the tower offers magnificent panoramic views over Vilnius Old Town.

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square, also known as the Market Square, is one of the historical squares in the country, where you will obviously find the City Hall. This square is a traditional center of trade and events in Vilnius such as various concerts, Kaziukas Fair and Christmas Festival.

Churches in Vilnius

Vilnius is the church town, a count shows that only within the old city walls there are 22 churches belonging to different faiths and religions.

Churches in Vilnius

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church in Vilnius is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in Lithuania. The church is not big but a beautiful example of Gothic architecture with the red bricks that make up the structure. According to a legend, it so impressed Napoleon that he even wanted to bring it to France on the palm of his hand.

St. Francis and St. Bernard Church

Church of St. Francis and St. Bernard, also known as Bernardine Church is a Roman Catholic church in the Old Town of Vilnius. It is located next to St. Anne's Church and is also an important example of Gothic architecture in Lithuania.

St. Peter and St. Paul Church

St. Peter and St. Paul Church is a true Baroque masterpiece from the 17th century. It was built on the occasion of the liberation of Vilnius from Russians. This church is not one of the biggest and flashiest exteriors, but look inside. A baroque gem with 2,000 characters associated with biblical, mythical and historical events, that took 30 years to decorate.

You can join Then and Now Vilnius Old Town Tour to explore and better understand both Vilnius and Lithuania by walking through the historical UNESCO Old Town with a happy and friendly guide.

The Gate of Dawn

The Gate of Dawn is one of Vilnius' most visited shrines, even by foreign tourists. The Gate of Dawn, built in the 16th century, was originally part of the city walls. It is the only one surviving gate out of the five that made up the ancient walls of Vilnius. In the Chapel of the Gate of Dawn there is the famous painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, also known as the Madonna of Vilnius. It is believed that the paintings of Virgin Mary placed on the gate will protect the city.

The Gate of Dawn

The Hill of Three Crosses

The Three Crosses are located on a high hill in Kalnu Park, east of the historic center of Vilnius. The climb that leads to the hill has some rather steep parts, but from its top you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the historic center.

Three Crosses

Although it is a romantic place, the story of the three crosses is quite dramatic. Three Cross Hill dates back to the 17th century when three monks placed them there to pay tribute to a group of monks who were martyred in the 14th century.

The Republic of Uzupis

The (unofficial) Republic of Uzupis is a small neighborhood in Vilnius, inhabited by artists, which declared itself a free state on April 1997. The Republic of Uzupis has its own constitution, its president, its national holidays, its flags, its currency, even its army.

The Republic of Uzupis

A walk along the banks of the Vilnia River will allow you to admire the colorful and lively atmosphere. You will see the constitution of the Republic of Uzupis is hung on a plaque along Paupio Street. The center of Uzupis is a small square decorated with a statue of an angel playing the horn.

Holocaust Victims Museum (KGB Museum)

The Holocaust Victims Museum, also known as the KGB Museum, is one of the most popular museums in Vilnius. The museum houses an exhibition dedicated to the liberation war of the period 1944-1953. In the basement of the building, there is the isolation prison where the death sentences were carried out.

Amber Museum - Gallery

Amber Museum - Gallery is established in a baroque style house of the 17th century. It was founded in 1988 and exhibits a unique collection of precious Juodkrante treasure amber and exhibits of artists working with amber. At the Vilnius Amber Museum, you can also learn about the history of amber in the Baltics, where amber has been an important commodity for ages.

Hall Market (Halės Turgus)

Hall Market is one of the largest and oldest markets in Vilnius. It was built in 1906. The market has always been popular with locals for fresh local products as well as home-made products. At Hall Market you can taste local foods and learn about local culture. Outside of the market, there are some small stalls selling local products of the garden.

Vilnius University

One of the most significant sights of Vilnius Old Town is also Vilnius University. It is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, since it was founded in 1579 by the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the Polish King Stephen Bathory.

Vilnius University

The university's interesting feature is that it consists of well-maintained buildings in Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. At the university, there is the oldest library in Lithuania which has almost 180,000 rare books and journals, the oldest of which date back to the 15th century, from Lithuania, Poland, Russia and other countries.

Vilnius TV Tower (Vilniaus TV bokštas)

Vilnius TV Tower with its 326.5 meters is the tallest building in Lithuania. It is associated with one of the most momentous events in the country’s history, independence from the Soviet Union. On the first floor, a photographic exhibition commemorates the 14 victims of the tragic events of January 1991 for the independence of Lithuania. At 165 meters above sea level, there is a café bar where you can enjoy a menu of traditional Lithuanian cuisine and see Vilnius from above.

Pilies Street

Pilies Street is the oldest street in the historic center of Vilnius. The road was built as the main gateway to Vilnius Castle. The Pilies Street district was once one of the most prestigious areas of the capital, where nobles, wealthy people and old professors built their homes. Now, this Lithuania's most famous street is full of small shops with Lithuanian souvenirs, ornaments, clothes, cafes and restaurants.


Excursions from Vilnius

Trakai Castle

From Vilnius, it is worth visiting the impressive Trakai Castle. The castle is less than 30 kilometers from Vilnius in the small town of Trakai.

Trakai Castle

This red brick castle offers a truly stunning scenic, as it stands on an island in the middle of Lake Galve and is connected to the mainland by a long wooden walkway. In addition to the castle, you will find that it is also home to the Trakai Historical National Park.

Trakai Castle and Paneriai Memorial Tour

Curonian Spit

The Curonian Lagoon is a coastal lagoon that is separated from the Baltic Sea by the Curonian Spit. The Curonian Spit is a very long and narrow peninsula, the area of which is divided by Russia and Lithuania. Curonian Spit has magnificent sand dunes, fine sandy beaches and beautiful fishing villages.

Day Trip to Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit

Other Destinations

Lithuania has many other things to see, so if you want to visit the second largest city in Lithuania, a medieval castle on an island or the Holocaust memorial in Paneriai, check the best tourist destinations in Lithuania to find more interesting sites in the surrounding areas of Vilnius.

Vilnius Hotels

First of all, of course, we recommend staying in the Old Town area to conveniently visit the historical area. This area is where there are many churches, museums and local restaurants, you can reach them all on foot. If you prefer an area with a more hipster and bohemian energy, you can choose to stay in Uzupis. You can check the best area to stay in Vilnius for more information.

Vilnius has a wide variety of accommodations for all budgets. Those who value exceptional comfort can book one of the luxurious five-star hotels in the Old Town. Even with a small travel budget, you can sleep well in an inexpensive hotel or apartment. See the list of top hotels in Vilnius.

Vilnius Hotels

Some of the best rated hotels in Vilnius:

Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius

Hotel Vilnia

Loop Hotel Vilnius


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Don't make a mistake of overlooking Lithuania when planning your Europe trip! Here are just a few reasons to visit Lithuania.

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