Prague City Card: Is Prague Card Worth It?

Prague City Card: Is Prague Card Worth It?

Like many cities in Europe, Prague also has a city card. If you are planning to stay in the Czech capital for few days, find detailed information about Prague City Card, the card that will allow you to enter tourist attractions of Prague and enjoy various activities around the city in the most economical way.

Let’s check, how much Prague Card costs, what discounts it offers, and decide if Prague Card is worth it.

Prague City Card 

What is Prague Card?

Prague Card is a tourist card for Prague that allows free or discounted access to over 50 Prague museums, monuments and places to see in the capital of Czech Republic. In addition, this card offers some extras, such as a river cruise, bus tour, or discounts at some shows and restaurants.

When buying the card, a small 150-page guide is also provided with information on the monuments included, how to get there and their opening times.

What are the advantages of Prague Card?

Prague Card is a good saving offer if you are planning to visit various points of tourist interest that require payment for the entrance, because you are going to get discounts and in some cases free entry. With Prague Card, you can enter free or get a discounted entry to the following important Prague’s attractions, museums and monuments.

Free admission to:

  • Prague Castle
  • Vitus Cathedral
  • Golden Street
  • Petríne
  • Dust Tower
  • Jewish Museum and Synagogues
  • Old Town Hall
  • Petrín Funicular
  • Petrín's Mirror Maze
  • Prague Museum
  • Czech Music Museum
  • Dalibor Tower
  • National museum
  • Naprstek Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • Sternberg Palace
  • Troy Palace

Discounted entry to another 40+ attractions that include:

  • Franz Kakfa Museum (-20%)
  • Ghosts and Legends Museum (-30%)
  • Clementinum (-25%)
  • Charles Bridge Towers (-50%)
  • Lobkowicz Palace (-50%)
  • Loreto (-30 CZK)
  • Mucha Museum (-20%)
  • Town Hall (-15%)
  • Lego Museum (-45%)
  • Old Town Tower (-50%)
  • Beer Museum (-30%)
  • San Vito Cathedral Treasure (-20%)
  • Chocolate Museum (-50%)
  • Museum of Magic and Alchemy (-20%)
  • San Vito Tower (-20%)
  • Nuclear bunker (-33%)
  • Jindrisská Tower (-20%)

In addition to free and discounted entry to the above attractions, you can also take a free 45-minute Sightseeing bus tour and River Boat Cruise.

One of the great advantages of Prague Card is that you do not have to buy tickets on-site and you save a lot of time. Without the card, you usually have to line up in long queues at the cash desks. Communication with people in a foreign language is not always easy as well.

Prague City Card: Is Prague Card Worth It?

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Prague Card Guide

With the card, everyone is given a guidebook called the Prague Card Guide. We would recommend checking the Prague Card Guide because it helps you to go around the city. It is issued in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Czech languages and provides you with complete information about all attractions.

Also, there are detailed maps of Prague districts. The Prague Card Guide not only provides everything you need to know about Prague, but also serves as a comprehensive guide that lists all the discounts and benefits available to the holder of Prague Card.

Prague Card Types and Cost

A big advantage of Prague Card is that the card is available in various types. Depending on the time you will spend exploring the Czech capital, you can purchase Prague Card, which is valid for 2, 3 or 4 days.

Prague Card Price 2020

The price of Prague Card depends on the number of days you want to use it and the age of the buyer:

  • 2 days: 62 EUR for adults / 46 EUR for children and students
  • 3 days: 72 EUR for adults / 53 EUR for children and students
  • 4 days: 83 EUR for adults / 61 EUR for children and students

* Children between 6-16 years old and students <26 years old can benefit from this discount on the total price (students must show the international student card).

** Children under the age of 6 are free to most of Prague's monuments and can also use public transport at no additional cost.

Where to buy Prague Card?

Prague Card can be purchased from the city's tourist offices. We’ve prepared the list of the most central and convenient ones:

  • Tourism offices located at two terminal exits of Prague Airport
  • The Old Town Hall Tourism Office
  • Wenceslas Square Tourism Office
  • Charles Bridge Information Center
  • 12 Rytířská Street Tourism Office
  • Florenc Bus Terminal Tourism Office
  • Prague Main Train Station
  • Jewish Museum (Maiselova Street, 15)

To make it even more convenient, you can buy Prague Card online here: Prague City Card.

When buying Prague Card online, you get a better deal than at the office and you can pick it up at various points in the city such as at Charles Bridge, Main Train Station, Florenc Bus Station, or Wenceslas Square.

How Prague Card works?

To activate Prague Card, you must write your name, surname and the date of your first visit on the back of your card. If any controller found in any of the attractions detects that this data is missing on the card during the check, you might be fined.

The card is activated as soon as you enter the first attraction and will be valid for 2, 3 or 4 consecutive days, depending on the type of your card.

Prague Card is valid only for consecutive days but not hours, so if you buy the card for 3 days on Friday, it will be valid until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, regardless of the time you activate it. Therefore, it will be more advantageous to activate it in the morning of the first day.

Prague Card can be used once for each tourist destination, so keep this in mind when planning your route around Prague.

As of 2020, Prague Card cannot be used for unlimited access to public transport in Prague.

Is Prague Card worth it?

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide whether Prague Card is worth buying or not.

If you want to spend every minute of your holiday full of activities, in such a case we would highly recommend getting it because it will make your trip cheaper and will save you lots of time. But if you just want to take a stroll around the city at a leisurely pace, you will probably lose money.

However, when compared to other tourist cards, Prague Card comes at a pretty cheap price and it can be said that it is profitable in most cases. For about 30 EUR per day, you can visit almost all attractions in the Czech capital.

When buying Prague Card, keep in mind that most of Prague museums do not work on Mondays, so buying the card including Monday does not bring much advantage.


After visiting all wonders of Prague, we would recommend taking a day trip from Prague to see other jewels that are located near the capital such as Karlovy Vary, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora or the Terezín Concentration Camp.

Visiting Prague not only means immersing yourself in its romantic atmosphere and timeless charm, but also means the encounter with its food and beer culture. To prepare for it, you can check our guides to Prague food and drinks and the best restaurants to enjoy Czech cuisine.