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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of Europe's most touristic cities, not only is interesting for its historical, architectural and landscape treasures but also the cuisine. Tasting the typical Czech cuisine will be one of the memorable experiences if you won’t miss the best food and drinks in Prague.

Food & Drinks in Prague: Best of Czech Cuisine

Prague cuisine and Czech cuisine in particular is very rich in caloric foods, fats and sugars. In addition, typical dishes are no shortage of meat, both red and white, potatoes, soups and sauces, side dishes, chips or cheeses that give a particular taste to the dishes.

While planning your trip to the Czech capital, give some time to discover the typical dishes and drinks in Prague so you could try at least some of them on your next vacation.

Trdelník (Chimney Cake)

Of all the food to eat in Prague, we were most excited to try Trdelník or Chimney Cake. Although we add the sweet named Trdelnik to the top of the list, it is not actually a Czech dessert. This pastry cake is of Hungarian regions of Transylvania and Slovak origin, but is widely found in the countries around Central and Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Austria, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Food & Drinks in Prague: Best of Czech Cuisine

Trdelník is wrapped around a stick and fried in a special oven, turning in wooden bars, until it gets light brown and crispy. The hot dough is then brushed with butter, rolled in a mixture of cinnamon sugar and ground walnuts. You can also get different flavors of the Chimney Cake such as Nutella, cream, ice cream, melted chocolate, and even fruits. A salty version of this snack can also be made. If you will eat it plain, the price should be about 70 CZK, and it will cost around 90 CZK if you want filling.

Trdelník can be found served in various Prague restaurants but also is sold by numerous stalls and shops in the most tourist areas over the city. The dish is really cheap and delicious, so we would recommend trying various kinds of it to fully enjoy this Czech delicacy.


Goulash is, without a doubt, the best known dish of the culinary tradition of the Czech Republic and, of course, of Prague, even if it is of Hungarian origin. Obviously in each country they do something different.

There are many versions of Goulash in this part of Europe. Goulash in Prague is stewed beef (pork, chicken or deer can also be used) which is cooked for a long time with paprika and plenty of spices and is accompanied by various vegetables and bread, known by the Czech name of Knedikly. You will find some variants of Goulash made with venison or even vegetarian. Unlike the Hungarian version of Goulash, where you have to eat it with a spoon due to the texture of the soup, in Prague they make it thicker and put less vegetables and more meat.

Gulášová Polévka is the same stew but in soup. This is one of the must-eat dishes in Prague. It is usually served on a bread roll from which the crumb has been removed, in the shape of a bowl.

Finding a nice place to eat in Prague is always easy, especially if you're looking for a large bowl of Goulash.

Vepřo Knedlo Zelo

The name of this Czech national dish translates simply as pork roast (vepřová) with bread dumplings (knedlíky) and sauerkraut (zelí). Vepřo Knedlo Zelo is one of the best-known Czech dishes you can try in Prague. The traditional dish is a good representation of Czech cuisine, as in one dish all main ingredients of the cuisine are combined. In Prague, cabbage will be more acidic because sauerkraut is used. And, of course, the dish is even better if it is accompanied by the traditional Czech beer.

You will find this dish everywhere, at Christmas markets, in all beer gardens and restaurants. In the traditional version, Vepřo Knedlo Zelo is very fat and heavy, but today some restaurants serve a bit lighter dishes.

Grilované Klobásy (Grilled Sausages)

No Prague food guide can be completed without mentioning the magnificent Grilované Klobásy. Grilované Klobásy literally translates to grilled sausages. This Czech dish is normally served with different sauces.

You will find dozens of food stalls and beer gardens selling these delicious sausages. You can find them in almost all Prague restaurants as well, with a possibility of finding various meat options such as beef and deer there. Of course, there are several types of Grilované Klobásy, but most of them contain mustard and bread. Locals say that this traditional dish goes perfectly with a glass of cold Pilsner beer. Expect the price of Czech sausages to be around 120 CZK at the stalls and around 150 CZK in restaurants.

Svíčková (Svíčková na smetaně)

Svíčková is probably one of Prague's most famous dishes, which is another traditional meat dish. It is hard to describe Svíčková's recipe because everyone has their own characteristic way of preparing it. However, it contains a piece of beef loin, roasted in a saucepan, and accompanied with a sweet and sour sauce based on carrots, parsley and cream. The meat is then covered with a tablespoon of blueberry jam, sour cream and bread dumplings.

Smažený Sýr (Czech Fried Cheese)

Cheese production and consumption in Prague is quite high. Smažený Sýr is translated as “fried cheese” and is one of the foods eaten like appetizer and starter. The cheese used for this delicacy is edam, hermelín or niva, cut into thick 1.5 cm slices and then breaded, fried and served properly: crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Smažený Sýr is also usually sold as a snack at street stalls in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, accompanied by chips, salad or bread. Apart from fried cheese, the cheese can be served as a starter in different ways.

Pečená Kachna (Roasted Duck)

In the Czech Republic, roasted duck is known as Pečená Kachna. Roasted Duck is one of the best Czech cuisine dishes. The duck is usually seasoned with cumin seeds and marjoram, and then slowly fried in the oven until it gets brown and crispy. The meat is fantastic, super tender and delicious while the skin remains crisp. The side dish to Pečená Kachna is meatballs, but it also comes with sweet cabbage.

This nourishing Czech classic dish is often found on the menus of traditional restaurants in Prague, and its homemade versions are prepared as a weekend meal or main course on special occasions.

Prague's Most Famous Drinks

There is no meal in Prague that is not accompanied by a glass of good local beer. The beer in Czech is called "pivo". It is known that the Czechs are the largest beer consumers in the world. In the city, there are dozens of small breweries, as each pub and brewery has its own beer.

Among the best Czech beers is the one made in the city of Pilsen, so brands such as Pilsner Urquell can be found in almost all restaurants. If you want to learn more about the production of local beer and try it in an authentic place, you may want to take a Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour. During this tour you will get to know the Urquell legend, taste some delicious pilsner in the historic cellars and learn how the beer is made and bottled.

Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour

In addition to the Pilsner, other popular brand of the Czech beer are the Budejovický Budvar, the Gambrinus and the Staropramen, produced precisely in Prague, in the Smichov district, south-western part of the capital city.

Those looking for something rarer and sophisticated, these are some of the drinks to try in Prague:

  • Medovina is a honey liqueur with low alcohol content which is served hot
  • Becherovka is made with 38 herbs and is useful for digesting protein and flavorful Czech cuisine

If you are a great beer lover, we would recommend doing the Czech Beer Tasting Experience. On this tour you will taste 7 incomparable Czech beers, and learn more about the drinking culture and traditions of the locals.

Beer is still very cheap even in the very touristy areas of Prague and you will often see pitcher deals for 1 Euro. Some of the best places to enjoy a good drink in Prague are the Beer Garden at Letna and the oldest brewery in Prague (with restaurant) U Fleků.


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